Product Construction

For new or reupholstered items our base price includes the following construction techniques and materials. New furniture frames are constructed using American Poplar kiln dried hardwood that meets or exceeds the NHLA standards for FAS lumber. Frames are built using traditional woodworking techniques which include mortise and tenon and corner blocking for structural integrity. Frames are built with a sinuous coil foundation. Our cushions are made to order using top quality materials. We choose CertiPUR-US Foam with a dacron wrap for long lasting durability and comfort. You can choose to upgrade your item to include 4 Way or 8 Way Hand Ties Springs to improve under cushion support, and add softness to the seats and back by upgrading to a Comforel (a synthetic blend with a down like feel) or add a Down Blend option. Our down blend is 25/75 mix of down and feathers.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAS-springs are made from two-dimensional S-shaped wires and are also known as “No-Sag springs,” “S coils,” “Zigzag wire” or “zigzag springs”. They are commonly used in ottomans, chairs (seat and back) and sofas (seat and back) and take the place of coil springs. They are fastened to the frame with clips and no-sag nails, and are spaced every few inches apart from front-to-back or top-to-bottom on Custom seats, backs, custom ottomans, etc.


products_clip_image002Four-way hand-tied springs offer a wider range of movement than S Springs, providing a even and customizable , because they move up and down and from side to side. In the construction of these systems, the craftsman individually ties heavy-gauge coils from front to back and side to side (four ways) to provide the highest level of quality, comfort and durability. This process costs more because it is time consuming and can only be done by hand.


products_clip_image003These three dimensional steel coils are attached to the webbing on the bottom of the sofa or chair and hand tensioned with twine at the top to each of the eight adjacent coils to prevent them from shifting, and moving in unison. This system gives the upholstered furniture an even comfort level and has the advantage of never “bottoming-out” under your weight. In the construction of these systems, the craftsman individually ties heavy-gauge coils from front to back, side to side and diagonally (eight ways) to provide the highest level of quality, comfort and durability. This process costs more because it is time consuming and can only be done by hand.


products_clip_image005 Dacron Comforel– As one of the most tenured polyester fiber brands in the world, Comforel creates quality fiberfill ranging from soft and down-like to firm and bulky for throw pillows. Dacron Comforel is a preferred choice for building in comfort.


feathersFeathers are found on the entire outer layer of waterfowl and primarily serve as protection. The two dimensional structure of feathers make it ideal for use as support in everything from bedding to cushions. Its shaft has a slight bend to it that gives it the curl needed to create a natural soft support. Feathers range in size from 2cm to several centimeters. We have selected the smaller feathers (5cm or less) to help deliverer the best loft and support for our products. Feathers are rarely used without a blend of down.


downDown is the light, soft and fluffy undercoating of waterfowl. It is found close to the body and is protected by the outside layer of feathers. Down is structurally different than feathers and is used for different purposes. Down is three-dimensional and does not have a shaft, instead it is made up of a cluster of fibers stemming from a central point. Down is the best natural insulator. It’s efficiency is unbeatable, it is light and fluffy yet incredibly warm. In one ounce of down there are over two million filaments, which provides more warmth per ounce than any other synthetic material. Down is the ultimate in luxury, comfort and performance. Down is traditionally blended with feathers to provide comfort and structure for the filling. We use a blend of 25% down with 75% feathers in our products.


foamWe choose American Made Certipur-US foam for all our products because of it meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.It is made without ozone depleters, heavy metals and has low (VOCs),a major component of air pollution.
There are many properties of foam. The two most important are: Density and Firmness.

DENSITY is determined by how much a piece of foam weighs. Foam used for seat cushions has a high density and is heavier than foam used for back cushions. CertiPUR-US® foam can be expected to give you continual comfort for 3 to 5 years depending on how much use it gets. You can extend the life of your cushions simply by fluffing and rearranging your cushions regularly. Most importantly we are here to help you determine which products to use in order to achieve the comfort level you desire.

FIRMNESS – We could give you all the scientific jargon about rating the firmness of foam, but the best test for comfort is the sit test. We have a selection of seat cushions available for you to try. The lab puts foam on a flat surface and pushes down on it to rate the Firmness. Our test is a lot more accurate and fun. We are here to guide you to your ultimate comfort and help you navigate the various options available.


dacronBonded Polyester Batting
Commonly referred to as Dacron, bonded polyester is used for cushion wrapping, padding the wooden furniture frame, and adding softness to panels, headboards and cornices. Dacron is used anywhere smoothness is required.